Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Packing for the Hospital...

One of my goals for the week is to begin packing for the hospital...After researching a few sites, I have compiled a list of necessities that I will pack for a successful trip and transition to the hospital environment for both baby and myself.

Nightgown-One for easy-access breastfeeding is ideal for mamas planning of BF'ing like myself. Along with slippers, undergarmets and socks

Nursing bra/pads

Basic toiletries-Items such as toothbrush/paste, shampoo/conditioner, bodywash, brush, face wash, know the deal

Cosmetic bag-I'll attempt to make myself somewhat appealing at this point for any photo-op

Sanitary pads-My preferred brand (like Always Infinity) to avoid the standard issue extreme-super maxi hospital issue ones that will leave you waddling out the door

Eyeglasses-Not going to want to wear my contacts all the time

Change of clothing-I'm going to bring some comfortable, yet cute yoga pants and a soft knit shirt...yes, this isn't a fashion show. It's all about comfort at this point. I will refuse to wear any maternity at this point!

Baby's first outfit-I've already picked out his little handsome going-home ensemble. It's a Ralph Lauren blue footed onsie with a beanie *squeeee*

Digital Camera-No brainer!!

Ipod-Listening to my favorite tunes will ease a lot of anxiety and help calm nerves.

Car Seat-Baby needs to get home safely! We need to install it and make sure we're not fumbling around when the time comes.

I'm sure I'm going to add more items, but this is just a basic list to help begin the packing process!

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