Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Goals For The Week

Life is happenning...there's no doubt about that. And now more than ever, I need to prioritize what needs to get done versus what can wait. I'll be the first to admit I am a procrastinator, always have been. But it's worked for me-well, most times. I find that I work best under pressure and with a timeline. I tend to squeeze every possible second out of not doing what needs to be done. For most, this personality attribute can be a negative, but rather, I see it as a work in progress. In the spirit of productivity, this week I am going to get some things done! In no particular order....

1. Pack my hospital bag-I really need to figure out what I need to bring to the hospital. I'm going to research and find out what's really necessary for a successful, and easier transition to the hospital environment. During my hospital tour, the only thing I remember them stressing about bringing were....socks for baby.

2. Attend (online) Childbirthing Classes-I never felt the need to attend a childbirthing class (or rather classes). They're expensive, time-consuming, and frankly-probably as interesting and engaging as a stats course. But-I'm keeping an open mind this pregnancy and I'll read up on some different pain techniques, birthing situations, and general childbirthing 101. I tend to overanalyze and want this delivery to happen as its happening without the millions of what-if scenarios.

3. Paint nursery-Yay! Since we've moved into our new townhome, we're able to decorate as we please without the restraints of apartment living and rules against painting. We're using a nature-esque theme (I'll even post a before and after) so a soft green is right at the top of the list! But finding the right green might be easier said than done. Apparently there are 500 diffent shades of green at Home Depot.

4. Organize donation and selling piles-Another result of moving is realize just how much stuff we have together. Actually 90% is mine, really. Eli is a man of necessity and has just what he needs. I work in the retail world and love to shop. This may not be the best combination for a clutter-free life, but I love my purchases! From clothes, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, and more....But I have too many at this point. So, I am going to organize a pile for donation and another for selling. Extra cash is a great thing, especially since baby is on the way!

5. Finish unpacking bedroom/living room-simply put, I can't stand looking at cardboard boxes anymore.

6. Set up Ebay store...again-I have been selling on Ebay for over a year now. I love it. It's a great way to get some extra cash in your wallet! It's more profitable than selling at consignment shops or places like Plato's Closet. But, it's all about research and knowing what items will sell, and what's really worth selling online. So this week, I will photograph, and post my items online and wait for the bidders to come...

7. Purchase a washer and dryer- Yes, we really need a set. We had the luxury of using our parents whenever we wanted, but now that our townhome has full connections sans the equipment-we realize just how important a washing machine and dryer just are. I go through a lot of clothes, and towels, and socks, and....well, it piles up! And with baby on the way, I know we're going to be using our set a lot. So today, we're going out with the purpose of purchasing our new set!

8. Prioritize bills- Orgainize each bill in order of due date and set up e-bill payments (this saves paper and often-times you can save a little by paying online directly).

9. Make a monthly budget- This goes along with prior goal. Now more than ever, we need to design a monthly budget that allows for necessities and un-necessities.

10. Finalize plans with FMLA leave- I need to decide if I am going to work up until labor or if I am going to leave a week beforehand. I feel great at this point (knock on wood) and would like to stay as long as possible, but I know that I should give myself a little bit of resting time before baby arrives. Talking with my HR department should clear up any questions I have, and fill out any necessary paperwork for my leave.


  1. Hey,

    It looks like we are in very similar boats - I am expecting in June and can already feel the need to get things more organized. :) As far as washer and dryer, I saw a nice pair at Costco the other day for about $700-800 together.


    1. That's a great deal...we just need something basic, that gets things done! I forgot about checking out places like Costco and Sam's Club. Congrats to you for your expected arrival in June!