Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Happened to my Bellybutton!?

Okay, so one of those things that people don't talk about during pregnancy is what your poor bellybutton goes through!

Apparently the now super-huge pregnant uterus pushes against the abdominal wall and my once 'innie' bellybutton becomes an 'outie'! I've noticed over the past week or so that the area is actually pretty sore to the touch. Guess baby's filling out well...And it's a relief to know that after pregnancy, the bellybutton returns to it's pre-preggo status.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heartburn, Heartburn, and Heartburn

One of the biggest undesired symptoms I have experienced during my pregnancy is the dreaded burning sensation know as heartburn or indigestion. Never had I experienced this before, so it's definitley not a welcome addition to my daily routine! Appparently during pregnancy, hormones relax the muscles in the digestive tract, including the esophogus, making it lax on its duties to control acid reflux.

Heartburn happens to rear its ugly head when the food from your stomach (which contains lots of acid) is forced upwards to the esophagus. This causes that horrible burning sensation behind the breastbone or your throat that slowly seems to rise up. It radiates up my neck and gives an overall horrible acidic feeling that is hard to shake.

I particularly get my indigestion at nighttime, or after I eat or drink. The best relief comes in the form of Extra Strength or two will usually do the trick, but sometimes throughout the night I will have to pop another. Propping my head with a couple pillows at night helps along with well....not eating or drinking greasy or fatty snacks before bedtime! This I am guilty of, sometimes that pack of Oreos just is too hard to resist at 1 a.m. They should have a pregnancy disclaimer saying: Beware of the consequences!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Packing for the Hospital...

One of my goals for the week is to begin packing for the hospital...After researching a few sites, I have compiled a list of necessities that I will pack for a successful trip and transition to the hospital environment for both baby and myself.

Nightgown-One for easy-access breastfeeding is ideal for mamas planning of BF'ing like myself. Along with slippers, undergarmets and socks

Nursing bra/pads

Basic toiletries-Items such as toothbrush/paste, shampoo/conditioner, bodywash, brush, face wash, know the deal

Cosmetic bag-I'll attempt to make myself somewhat appealing at this point for any photo-op

Sanitary pads-My preferred brand (like Always Infinity) to avoid the standard issue extreme-super maxi hospital issue ones that will leave you waddling out the door

Eyeglasses-Not going to want to wear my contacts all the time

Change of clothing-I'm going to bring some comfortable, yet cute yoga pants and a soft knit shirt...yes, this isn't a fashion show. It's all about comfort at this point. I will refuse to wear any maternity at this point!

Baby's first outfit-I've already picked out his little handsome going-home ensemble. It's a Ralph Lauren blue footed onsie with a beanie *squeeee*

Digital Camera-No brainer!!

Ipod-Listening to my favorite tunes will ease a lot of anxiety and help calm nerves.

Car Seat-Baby needs to get home safely! We need to install it and make sure we're not fumbling around when the time comes.

I'm sure I'm going to add more items, but this is just a basic list to help begin the packing process!

Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Goals For The Week

Life is happenning...there's no doubt about that. And now more than ever, I need to prioritize what needs to get done versus what can wait. I'll be the first to admit I am a procrastinator, always have been. But it's worked for me-well, most times. I find that I work best under pressure and with a timeline. I tend to squeeze every possible second out of not doing what needs to be done. For most, this personality attribute can be a negative, but rather, I see it as a work in progress. In the spirit of productivity, this week I am going to get some things done! In no particular order....

1. Pack my hospital bag-I really need to figure out what I need to bring to the hospital. I'm going to research and find out what's really necessary for a successful, and easier transition to the hospital environment. During my hospital tour, the only thing I remember them stressing about bringing were....socks for baby.

2. Attend (online) Childbirthing Classes-I never felt the need to attend a childbirthing class (or rather classes). They're expensive, time-consuming, and frankly-probably as interesting and engaging as a stats course. But-I'm keeping an open mind this pregnancy and I'll read up on some different pain techniques, birthing situations, and general childbirthing 101. I tend to overanalyze and want this delivery to happen as its happening without the millions of what-if scenarios.

3. Paint nursery-Yay! Since we've moved into our new townhome, we're able to decorate as we please without the restraints of apartment living and rules against painting. We're using a nature-esque theme (I'll even post a before and after) so a soft green is right at the top of the list! But finding the right green might be easier said than done. Apparently there are 500 diffent shades of green at Home Depot.

4. Organize donation and selling piles-Another result of moving is realize just how much stuff we have together. Actually 90% is mine, really. Eli is a man of necessity and has just what he needs. I work in the retail world and love to shop. This may not be the best combination for a clutter-free life, but I love my purchases! From clothes, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, and more....But I have too many at this point. So, I am going to organize a pile for donation and another for selling. Extra cash is a great thing, especially since baby is on the way!

5. Finish unpacking bedroom/living room-simply put, I can't stand looking at cardboard boxes anymore.

6. Set up Ebay store...again-I have been selling on Ebay for over a year now. I love it. It's a great way to get some extra cash in your wallet! It's more profitable than selling at consignment shops or places like Plato's Closet. But, it's all about research and knowing what items will sell, and what's really worth selling online. So this week, I will photograph, and post my items online and wait for the bidders to come...

7. Purchase a washer and dryer- Yes, we really need a set. We had the luxury of using our parents whenever we wanted, but now that our townhome has full connections sans the equipment-we realize just how important a washing machine and dryer just are. I go through a lot of clothes, and towels, and socks, and....well, it piles up! And with baby on the way, I know we're going to be using our set a lot. So today, we're going out with the purpose of purchasing our new set!

8. Prioritize bills- Orgainize each bill in order of due date and set up e-bill payments (this saves paper and often-times you can save a little by paying online directly).

9. Make a monthly budget- This goes along with prior goal. Now more than ever, we need to design a monthly budget that allows for necessities and un-necessities.

10. Finalize plans with FMLA leave- I need to decide if I am going to work up until labor or if I am going to leave a week beforehand. I feel great at this point (knock on wood) and would like to stay as long as possible, but I know that I should give myself a little bit of resting time before baby arrives. Talking with my HR department should clear up any questions I have, and fill out any necessary paperwork for my leave.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I'm officially 36 weeks+2 days pregnant at this point. That's 9 months, my friends! It's amazing to know that my due date is in less than a month. Time really does fly. But I will say that along with being pregnant during the holidays, working full-time, and moving into a new home-take up a lot of time and focus from solely being a preggo lady. Your mind (and body) is kept busy and not dwelling on every passing day and the ultimate countdown.

At 36 weeks, I'm feeling pretty darn good. Sure I waddle more, am slower to get up, and generally refuse to pick anything up off the ground, but I value everyday that I have carrying my little one. I know in my womb he is safe, secure, and growing stronger each day.

At this point, I have gained about 30 lbs. Yeah, not my ideal, but certainly in the healthy range, according to my midwife. I always had this plan that I'd gain about 20-25 lbs max. Hehe. I'll admit, I don't eat the best sometimes or run a strict excersize routine, but I maintain a healthy and mobile lifestyle. Plus, working on my feet for 6-9 hours a day has certainly helped me maintain my strength and well-sanity.

Current symptoms:

Indigestion (experienced for the first time during pregnancy around week 28)
Mild Edema-particularly of ankles and feet (continued since about 3 weeks ago)

For indigestion, I take a couple extra-strengths Tums at the onset of symptoms (usually in the evening hours), and this helps

Edema is dealt with by simply putting legs at an elevated level, usually above the heart to reduce swelling of ankles and feet. Drinking lots of fluids to rid the body of excess sodium intake. Plus, having Eli provide foot massages helps the severity of it (and hey, it's a foot massage)...

My next appointment is this week and from now on it will be weekly check-ups!

To read more about what baby's up to at 36 weeks, click here

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Preview...

Last month, I decided I couldn't wait any longer and just had to have a 3D ultrasound. 3D sonography is a relatively newer, and more accessible technology available for the mom-to-be. It's a whole lot more affordable than it was 5 or 6 years ago at around $100-$200 a session.

I couldn't wait to see his face. Yes, by the way, I am expecting a little man. The anticipation of meeting this mini-me is hard to keep at bay. Who is he going to look like? Does he have 10 fingers and 10 toes? The questions flood me daily. So, naturally going to an elective, highly-detailed 3D sonogram session was a perfect fit.

At 28 weeks, I picked a nearby, privately-owned sonogram studio and booked their monthly special for new customers. For $100, I would get 15 minutes, a page of color photos, and a slideshow CD. Nice.

Before arriving for the session, I drank my recommended H20 intake for the prior week. This is supposed to ensure a clear shot of the fetus, as the amniotic fluid will be clearer and more adapt to a successful photography session. I even ate a cookie and juice to have him all perky and awake for the session. When I layed down on the table, the technician applied the gel, placed the device on my belly and....

Baby was sleeping. After some prodding, and moving around on my behalf, he began to become more active. But every shot, he was pretty much in a slumber state with his hand to his face.

Adorable and beautiful.

I chose to come back almost two weeks later, hoping for more fetal activity. I drank strawberry soda, and half a chocolate donut. (Don't judge) This combination certainly proved effective. I got lip-smacking, thumb-sucking, arm waving, and a whole bunch of cuteness from this little guy. Even a smile....

He looks like his daddy. He smiles like his mommy. What's not to love?

A (brief) Introduction

Welcome to my new blog. I hope in the coming months, maybe even years, to chronicle my entrance into motherhood. It's a scary thing, really. No matter how many 'What to Expect When Your Expecting' articles, or hundreds of blog posts you read never really know how things are going to turn out in the end.

Let me begin by saying my new arrival is due March 16th. Will baby decide to come right on schedule? Probably not. According to many, first time moms usually have their bun cooking in the oven for up to two weeks after their EDD. All I know is, I will have a baby by the end of March!

I am nervous, excited, uncertain...Very normal feelings to consume your thoughts during pregnancy. Luckily, I have my better half, Elias (aka Eli) to console my worries (my generally over-analytical mind is sportatically is flooded with a barrage of 'what-ifs') and support our adventure into parenthood together. Eli and I have been together for over two years now. We're best friends, partners, and have a great, supportive relationship together. We're sometimes complete opposites, but perfectly complimentary in the end. As cliche as it sounds, I couldn't imagine going through this experience with any other person. Now I have another outlet, through this blog, to share my thoughts and experiences.

I'll be able to rave, to rant, and generally ramble about motherhood, relationships, and whatever my brain happens to churn at the moment.

Bienvenidos. Huan ying. Bienvenue. However you say it...welcome!