Friday, February 17, 2012

A (brief) Introduction

Welcome to my new blog. I hope in the coming months, maybe even years, to chronicle my entrance into motherhood. It's a scary thing, really. No matter how many 'What to Expect When Your Expecting' articles, or hundreds of blog posts you read never really know how things are going to turn out in the end.

Let me begin by saying my new arrival is due March 16th. Will baby decide to come right on schedule? Probably not. According to many, first time moms usually have their bun cooking in the oven for up to two weeks after their EDD. All I know is, I will have a baby by the end of March!

I am nervous, excited, uncertain...Very normal feelings to consume your thoughts during pregnancy. Luckily, I have my better half, Elias (aka Eli) to console my worries (my generally over-analytical mind is sportatically is flooded with a barrage of 'what-ifs') and support our adventure into parenthood together. Eli and I have been together for over two years now. We're best friends, partners, and have a great, supportive relationship together. We're sometimes complete opposites, but perfectly complimentary in the end. As cliche as it sounds, I couldn't imagine going through this experience with any other person. Now I have another outlet, through this blog, to share my thoughts and experiences.

I'll be able to rave, to rant, and generally ramble about motherhood, relationships, and whatever my brain happens to churn at the moment.

Bienvenidos. Huan ying. Bienvenue. However you say it...welcome!

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