Sunday, February 19, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I'm officially 36 weeks+2 days pregnant at this point. That's 9 months, my friends! It's amazing to know that my due date is in less than a month. Time really does fly. But I will say that along with being pregnant during the holidays, working full-time, and moving into a new home-take up a lot of time and focus from solely being a preggo lady. Your mind (and body) is kept busy and not dwelling on every passing day and the ultimate countdown.

At 36 weeks, I'm feeling pretty darn good. Sure I waddle more, am slower to get up, and generally refuse to pick anything up off the ground, but I value everyday that I have carrying my little one. I know in my womb he is safe, secure, and growing stronger each day.

At this point, I have gained about 30 lbs. Yeah, not my ideal, but certainly in the healthy range, according to my midwife. I always had this plan that I'd gain about 20-25 lbs max. Hehe. I'll admit, I don't eat the best sometimes or run a strict excersize routine, but I maintain a healthy and mobile lifestyle. Plus, working on my feet for 6-9 hours a day has certainly helped me maintain my strength and well-sanity.

Current symptoms:

Indigestion (experienced for the first time during pregnancy around week 28)
Mild Edema-particularly of ankles and feet (continued since about 3 weeks ago)

For indigestion, I take a couple extra-strengths Tums at the onset of symptoms (usually in the evening hours), and this helps

Edema is dealt with by simply putting legs at an elevated level, usually above the heart to reduce swelling of ankles and feet. Drinking lots of fluids to rid the body of excess sodium intake. Plus, having Eli provide foot massages helps the severity of it (and hey, it's a foot massage)...

My next appointment is this week and from now on it will be weekly check-ups!

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